Parents voice concerns after report of unruly kids

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – More parents are speaking out after a mother complained about being harassed by kids after school.

The district has been looking into a video of an incident from earlier this week that involved students. Now, more residents want more to be done, and others are volunteering their time to help out.

Kahlifa Duncan watched our story about a parent who says she was harassed by students while picking up her children at school.

“I cried because it hit me to my heart,” Duncan said.

Duncan has seen first-hand some of the problems near 19th and Derry streets.

“I have seen the security guards not doing nothing,” he said. “I saw the kids running rampant and cars parking where they wanted to park. This happened on school property.”

Duncan is a disabled Vietnam veteran and a former volunteer crossing guard. He would like to see the district bring back school resource officers who have authority off school property.

“Education starts at home. School is not a daycare center,” he said.

Richard Soto is a parent in the district who tries to help out staff when school lets out.

“They can’t go across the street when crowds are gathering by the dollar store or on the corner, so I come over there, or another parent would say, ‘come on,’ and say ‘you have to keep it moving’,” Soto said.

“The principal and us, we came together and say let’s give them an incentive where they can change their behavior,” he said.

A district spokesperson said the investigation into the harassment incident continues.

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