Residents concerned about swans at Italian Lake

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – With a cat in her arms, deer on her lawn, and a dog on her shirt, it’s safe to say Judy Reynolds is an animal lover.

She even grew up having a pet duck. That’s why she worried when she went to Italian Lake for the Christmas tree lighting. It was snowing and she saw the swans making a nest on the ground, she thought, in an effort to stay warm.

Animal experts say the swans aren’t in any danger.

Peggy Grove rents the swans as a treat for the neighborhood. She says the nest is the fifth one the female has made since September as she practices and prepares for motherhood.

The owners will pick up the swans before the lake freezes since the birds can’t fly, making predators like neighborhood dogs dangerous. Experts say the swans can handle cold weather as long as they have shelter, which is provided by a small igloo structure at Italian Lake.

“The swans range in value from $3,000 down to $500,” Grove said.

There were six swans swimming in the lake the past few months. The farm owner collected four of them at the end of November. Grove asked if two could stay for the Bethesda Mission Festival last weekend.

Cages have been set to gather the remaining swans this week. They’ll be back at Italian Lake by May.

The swans are slated to come back to the lake for the next three years.

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