Daybreak’s Holiday Home Cooking: Christine McLarty makes festive appetizers

Daybreak’s Holiday Home Cooking series continued Thursday with abc27 reporter Christine McLarty making several festive appetizers.

The recipes are listed below. You can see her demonstrate them by watching the attached videos.

If you have a recipe you would love to share with Daybreak viewers, enter our “Cooking with Daybreak” contest. Take your favorite original recipe and create a two minute or less video making it. We’ll accept entries until December 13. Viewers will vote for one winner. Voting will be open through December 17. We will announce the winner on December 18 and that person will prepare their recipe live in the abc27 kitchen on December 21. You can find the entry form by clicking here.

Baked cheesy artichoke dip (borrowed from Christine’s mom)
serves 4
1 cup of Shredded parmesan cheese
1 6oz can of artichoke hearts
1 cup of mayonnaise
Crackers to serve on the side

1) Pull apart artichokes to break into bite size pieces
2) Mix artichokes, cheese and mayonnaise into bake safe dish
3) Cook for 20 minutes on 350
4) Broil for 3 minutes to get golden brown top
5) Take out of over, drain excess oil from dish (optional)
5) Serve with crackers on the side

Kiwi Christmas tree
4 kiwis
1 starfruit
½ package of raspberries

Christmas Banana Pops (Yields 20)
20 strawberries
½ cup small marshmallows
Red M&M’s for nose
Chocolate sprinkles for eyes

Grinch Fruit Pops (Yields 20)
20 Green grapes
20 Small Marshmallows
20 pieces Thinly sliced banana (1-2 bananas)
20 strawberries

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