Land protection effort will help generate needed revenue for Perry County borough

DUNCANNON, Pa. (WHTM) – Duncannon Borough Council members have been addressing aging infrastructure concerns in recent
months. Upgrades continue on the Borough’s water system.

Council voted in November in favor of allowing Nature Conservancy to pay $650,000 for a conservation easement.

The move will protect Borough’s 1,500-acre watershed area from future development. Borough Manager, Chris Courogen says it is a win for Duncannon.

“It gives us a much needed financial boost,” said Courogen, “It is no secret that we have financial concerns, and we are working
our way through it.’

Cove Mountain is an attraction for hikers. Kira Frech has says she enjoys the workout and the view. Frech says the conservation easement. “By protecting the land, said Frech, “People can enjoy it, for generations to come.”

Nature Conservancy proposed paying the money to the Duncannon over three years, however they recently secured federal
grant money, and that could speed up the payment process. Courogen says that he hopes the deal will be completed in 2018.
He says council members will decide how the money will be used.

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