The ‘Great Shape Debate’: Redistricting in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania has been called one of the most gerrymandered states in the Union, and now court cases are moving forward with a push to redraw district lines. Are lawmakers choosing their voters in a way that keeps you from being represented fairly, or is this an overreaction to shapes on a map that are part of a complicated political process?

Jean Handley with Fair Districts PA and Christopher Nicholas from Eagle Consulting Group, Inc. join Dennis Owens, Kendra Nichols, and Amanda St. Hilaire for this week’s episode of the ABC27 Investigators podcast, On Deadline. They debate how this issue affects voters and possible alternatives to the current process.

The ABC27 investigators also talk about a recent investigation into two local police departments’ towing practices and how apparent favoritism of one business is affecting drivers.

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Below are links and references from this week’s episode:

Pennsylvania’s Congressional districts:









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