Police push 9 p.m. routine after thefts of unlocked cars

Manheim Township – Police in Manheim Township said over the past two months they are averaging two vehicles a week that are being taken for a joyride.

Sergeant Michael Piacentino said all the cars that have been taken have been unlocked.

“Persons are breaking into cars and trying door handles,” he told ABC 27 News. “Cars unlocked they get in, they take whatever is inside the car and they’re taking the cars themselves.”

Piacentino said in all of the instances the vehicles have had the keys inside of them. He also said the cars are winding up in Lancaster City, or just blocks from where they were originally parked.

Piacentino said the number of cars taken has been astounding, but there have been ever more thefts from unlocked cars.

“We want people to lock their vehicles and secure their property,” Piacentino said. “Stop leaving valuables in the car.”

A neighboring police department has adopted a #9PMroutine.

Members of the Lititz Borough Police Department post a message every night reminding residents to lock their cars.

Sergeant Jared Hahn said that so far the message seems to be working.

“It shows us that there is an awareness in that people are taking proactive steps to prevent crime from occurring,” he said.

Piacentino said they are considering doing the same thing. He said they have no suspects in the cases.

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