CDC predicts bad flu season

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is predicting a bleak outlook in flu cases this season.

Reports say a certain strand of the virus, H3N2, has torn through the southern hemisphere, and current vaccinations may not be effective.

“H3N2 produces roughly twice as many deaths as other types of the flu,” said Dr. John Goldberg, an infectious disease specialist at PinnacleHealth.

“If it’s a bad flu season, you’ll probably have a one out of two, one out of four chance of getting the flu.”

Dr. Loren Robinson, deputy secretary for health promotion and disease prevention at the state Department of Health, says right now is peak flu season.

“Going into the holiday season – December, January – temperatures get really cold. We’re going to see increased numbers of flu cases,” she said.

Symptoms include high fever, body aches, and weakness, but both doctors agree on how to get ahead of it.

“I think it’s much better to prepare than to worry. The way you prepare is that you get your flu shot,” Goldberg said.

For information updated weekly on the flu, visit:

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