An open letter to the playoff committee: You got it wrong again

Dear College Football Playoff Committee,

You got it wrong again.  Alabama??? Really Alabama???  Only Nick Saban gets this kind of benefit of the doubt.  Sure the Crimson Tide are 11-1, but show me….please show me….who did you beat?

Yes Ohio State got in last year as a one loss non conference champion, but that Ohio State team played one heck of a schedule.  The Buckeyes won at #14 Oklahoma, at #8 Wisconsin, home for #10 Nebraska and #3 Michigan.  Their only loss was by a field goal at the eventual Big Ten Champion Penn State.   Ohio State deserved to be in last year.   I think Big Ten Champion Penn State should have been in last year and Washington should have been left out for the same reason I think Alabama should.

They didn’t beat anybody.  This Alabama team is in because of their uniform.

Sure Alabama scheduled a season opener versus a then #3 Florida State at a neutral site.  Had Florida State finished anywhere in the same universe as #3 in the country I wouldn’t be writing this letter.  But FSU’s star quarterback got hurt in that game and FSU turned in one of the worst seasons in school history.  Your other top ten game??? A 26-14 loss at a then #6, now #7 Auburn team.  Your best wins are against a very mediocre LSU and Mississippi State.

Let’s talk about Ohio State.  The Buckeyes have arguably two of the best wins in the country.  They beat a #2 Penn State team and a #4 Wisconsin team in the Big Ten Championship.  They lost to a playoff team, Oklahoma and got blown out shockingly at Iowa.  The Iowa loss is bad, I get that.  But I think the whole point of the committee is to value wins more than losses.  I’ll forgive a bad loss if it means you’ll go out and schedule more tough games.  And let’s not forget Ohio State had to play one more tough game, a conference championship that Alabama had a week off for….because oh yea…..they lost to Auburn….the only elite team they played.

What if there weren’t conference championships?  Wisconsin finishes the season 12-0 because they don’t have to play Ohio State.  Auburn who beat Alabama (as I’ve mentioned) and also beat Georgia, doesn’t have to play Georgia again.  Wouldn’t you put Wisconsin and Auburn in over Alabama???  I would. Are we really rewarding Alabama for not playing a conference championship game and losing the last game they played???

Look I get Alabama’s history.  Chances are with a month to prepare and heal they will perform well against #1 Clemson in a rematch of last years title game (that Alabama lost).  They’ll have a chance to prove their worth, I just think on the field this season they didn’t do it.  I’m sorry committee you got it wrong again.

Just another local sportscaster with an opinion,

Pat Welter



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