Virtual Fitness now offered by Midstate YMCA’s

CAMP HILL, Pa. (WHTM) – What if you could “go to the gym” without “going to the gym”? Or take an exercise class with the people you know but alone in your home? It’s a new concept that recently started in central Pennsylvania.

“Alright so bring that stretch down as low as you can” YMCA Fitness instructor Meghan Harder said she likes the new ‘My Virtual Y’ option. “It just adds a level of comfort. Exercise can be intimidating for a lot of people”.

With a Go-pro set up in class, you can try the classes from your living room. “If you haven’t seen a class yet and you’re a little nervous to go in and try it you can maybe check it out online ahead of time” said Harder.

“You say I can’t make it in today, its snowy, rainy icy” Harrisburg Area YMCA spokeswoman Rosie Turner said “You can follow your instructors online. In addition to other classes we have power palliates, slow flow yoga and gentle yoga. [My Virtual Y] also includes things like the nutrition tracker, you can come in here a log your calories and activity.”

The YMCA says what makes this different than other online programs are the friendly faces you recognize. “These are your people, that you interact with on a daily basis!” said Turner. “So by adding this we’re bringing that community into your home.”

A regular YMCA gym membership costs about $42.00 a month. The ‘My Virtual Y’ program is free for members and $10.00 a month for nonmembers.

The program is also partnering with local schools to incorporate virtual mindfulness classes, called ‘Brain Breaks’. “There are these calm down yoga brain breaks and also energizer brain breaks.” Turner continued “You’ve got an instructor who has drum sticks in her hands and you’ll see the kids drumming with their hands. It can get them jazzed up or calmed down. Whatever the moment needs. With 36 off site childcare centers in Harrisburg alone, providing this for free to all the schools is a huge deal.”

Just a click away from a healthier lifestyle. Right now there are 25 YMCA’s in the county recording group fitness classes that you can watch from your computer at home. The Great Harrisburg Area YMCA has 5 of these programs being in the Midstate. For more information click here

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