Mechanicsburg fires football coach Billy Furman

Billy Furman is out after one season as Mechanicsburg Head Football Coach.  Furman tells abc27 news “I was told my standards and expectations for the football team did not align with the administration.”

Furman took over a Mechanicsburg football team that had gone 0-10 in back to back seasons.  He led the Wildcats to a 3-7 record this season.  Despite his success he says he and the administration did not see eye to eye.

“The level of competitiveness that I bring didn’t mesh well with their expectations. They want the kids to try hard, if you lose by 100 and you try hard we’re happy.  I want the kids to try hard too, but if you lose by 100 I’m going to be upset.  I want to win games, I want to be in the playoffs and I want to compete,” Furman told abc27 over the phone.

Furman’s first win at Mechanicsburg came on September 8th, a 41-28 win over Spring Grove.  The Wildcats went on to beat Northern York the following week, but only won one of their final seven games.  Furman says he feels bad for the kids.

“We’ve spent countless hours over the past 6 months together working on getting better on the football field and in the classroom and community and we’re not going to get to do that anymore.”

Furman had college experience at schools like Miami and Temple before coming to Mechanicsburg, but says he’d like to stay in High School Football and is interested in staying in the area.

Mechanicsburg has listed the job opening on their internal site.  The school confirmed that the job is open.  They did not immediately respond to Furman’s comments.

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