Police warn of fake GoFundMe pages for Baltimore detective

BALTIMORE (WHTM) — Police say the family of fallen detective, Sean Suiter, have not started a GoFundMe page. A spokesman for the department says those pages may be fake.

A spokesperson for GoFundMe released the following statement:

“It’s not uncommon for GoFundMe campaigns to be created on behalf of individuals who see a news event and want to help.

It’s important to understand what happens when a campaign is created on behalf of another individual. When a stranger is simply trying to help someone and does not have a direct connection to the individual or family they’re raising money for, funds are collected by our payment processors, held, and then released only to the person named as the beneficiary.

Before any money can be withdrawn, the beneficiaries must accept the donations. If they accept the donations, their information, including their banking information, will be verified by our payment processor. In this case, no funds have been withdrawn and we’ve reached out to the campaign organizers and law enforcement officials to ensure all funds go to the family.”

Pennsylvania State Police say they have and do investigate fake GoFundMe pages. They recommend that people be mindful when donating online, especially during the holiday season.

“In incidents such as this, it’s a real shame that people are taking advantage of a tragedy that did occur with the Baltimore City Police Department,” Trooper Brent Miller said.

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