DA: New technology helped Carlisle homicide investigation

Christopher J. Williams (Cumberland County Prison)

CARLISLE, Pa. (WHTM) Police said they were able to arrest a murder suspect in less than 48 hours thanks to new technology.

Police said Rhyheim Hodge was shot and killed at his home on the 200 block of West North Street in Carlisle on Sunday.

“There may have been a pretext to buy marijuana but everything else screams out robbery. So it’s about money not about drugs,” said David Freed, Cumberland County District Attorney.

Witnesses say Christopher Williams demanded cash, scuffled with Hodge, then shot him in the head before leaving the scene but showed up at Harrisburg ER with a stab wound.

Prosecutors used a new rapid DNA test during the investigation.

“So we were able to match a sample from the clothing of this suspect to physical evidence both at the scene and outside the scene on the route that the suspect took after he fled,” said Freed.

Williams is now in the Cumberland County Prison.

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