Why is the Midstate a popular destination for skimming devices?

Courtesy of Hampden Township Police

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – Police are seeing an uptick of skimming incidents in central Pennsylvania.

From Lancaster County to areas of Franklin County, people’s bank accounts are being compromised.

Skimmers are devices that criminals attach or inserts into card readers, usually at gas stations, banks, and ATMs.

Hampden Township Police Detective Robert Higgins says this increase in skimming activity is due to location.

“I think some of what they use is just the highways and being able to hop off the highway, target some certain areas and then get back on the highway to go somewhere else,” Higgins explained.

He also believes the attackers are working together, crossing state lines to target specific areas.

“Whether or not it spreads significantly in our area, I don’t know. They’re more likely once they’ve done enough here to move onto to another location, but there’s always a threat they could come back here.”

Many local police departments are working together to deter these incidents by making rounds to different gas stations to check card readers.

Higgins said the best way to protect your account is to be vigilant. Check your bank account statements for suspicious activity, wiggle card readers to make sure they are not loose, cover your pin when entering it into a keypad and always report unusual activity to local police and your bank.

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