Cumberland County to begin checks for gas pump skimmers

CARLISLE, Pa. (WHTM) – It’s normal to see inspectors from Cumberland County’s weights and management office making annual checks at gas pumps.

Often they’ll check to see, among other things, if you’re getting the correct amount of gas.

Through a new program, they’ll be looking for credit card skimmers on a much regular basis.

“We are looking at, initially, to conduct at least two per week,” John Bitner, chief of Cumberland County Vector Control. “We’d like to get this up to three per week once we get this rolling.”

During inspections, they’ll be opening pumps and they’ll be looking for any inkling of a skimmer.

Skimming devices were recently found in Mechanicsburg and Hampden Township and victims reported losing thousands of dollars.

“You can hide them anywhere,” said Joseph Gangai, deputy sealer of weights and measures. “Sometimes these devices don’t even have to be hooked up to anything.”

The inspectors will report any findings to state and federal authorities.

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