Residents clean up after trees hit homes, cars

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — Midstate residents were cleaning up after a storm downed dozens of trees and knocked out power to thousands of electricity customers.

PPL says more than 7,000 people were impacted by 300 areas that were damaged by the storm. The utility was working to restore power but said not all service may be restored until Tuesday.

“Some of the larger trees, we have to call in a specialized tree crew to remove that tree before a lineman can even start work. With really large trees, that can take a bit of time,” said Jess Baker, PPL’s regional affairs director.

Trees fell on cars and homes across the region. One punctured the roof of a home in Lower Paxton Township.

“We just got done eating supper and we heard this, like, train noise. Next thing we heard was this crash. We thought someone had crashed into our home,” Patty Kinsbury said. “I opened the door and we couldn’t even get out. The tree came on us.”

Officials say many people make the wrong calls for downed trees. PPL says to call them if a tree is on a wire. If a tree is on the ground, call your local municipality.

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