How to safely carve a pumpkin

Halloween is right around the corner and that means it’s time for pumpkin carving – and pumpkin carving injuries. Consumer Reports has some helpful hints to help prevent you from getting hurt.

Kitchen knives are sharp and they’ll slip around and it’s really easy to cut yourself. Instead, use pumpkin carving tools. They’re much smaller, they’re much less sharp, and they’re going to be much easier to handle as you’re carving the tough pumpkin skin.

If you have to use kitchen knives, make sure they have short handles. Doctors also recommend not to take the top off before you carve your pattern.

If you want to play it super safe, carve out just the bottom – that way you won’t risk getting burned. Finally, don’t let children carve. Instead, let them create the patterns and scoop out the pulp.

If you or someone you know gets cut while carving, apply direct pressure on the injury using a clean, dry cloth. If bleeding doesn’t stop in 15 minutes, get to an emergency room.

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