Temple, Penn State call on lawmakers to pass higher ed funding

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – Temple University is urging Pennsylvania students and parents to contact their local representatives.

The university says it may have to increase tuition if the state House does not pass a budget revenue package that gives about $600 million to Temple University, Penn State University, University of Pittsburgh, Lincoln University, and the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine.

“The reality is a $12,000 discount is a large discount. It’s a very positive thing for Pennsylvania residents, including students who come to the Harrisburg campus their freshman year,” Temple Harrisburg campus director Link Martin said.

The Senate passed the bill in July. Gov. Tom Wolf says he will sign it. House Majority Leader Dave Reed says the state needs the money to pay for the aid before the chamber sends the legislation to the governor’s desk.

“A $12,000 hit is a huge impact and it will have a cascading effect over years because of loans, increased borrowing, making students be in debt much longer in their lives when they should be building their lives, buying houses, cars, and building families,” Martin said.

Penn State is also calling on parents and students to call their local lawmakers. The university could see a $10,000 a year tuition increase if the bill is not passed.

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