Police warn 3 drugs could explode onto local streets

ELIZABETHTOWN, Pa. (WHTM) – Members of the state Department of Corrections were warned Friday of three new drugs that could explode in the Midstate.

John Goshert, a detective with the Dauphin County District Attorney’s Office, gave the presentation.

The first drug he warned about was Kratom, a plant that almost looks like marijuana. Goshert said users smoke or snort the drug to get high.

“In low doses, they say there is almost like a speed type of thing,” Goshert said. “At very high doses, it can just be the opposite, almost a heroin, nodding out-type of thing.”

Goshert said rue seeds have already been found in Dauphin County. He said people are reportedly using the hallucinogenic instead of LSD.

Apparently, users are opting for the rue seeds because it can be hard for police to detect but easy to find on the internet.

“It’s a little bit easier to get them on the internet than to get LSD on the internet or in the streets,” Goshert said.

Goshert also warned officers about 2C substances; psychedelic, synthetic drugs that appear in powders or pills. The 2C varieties can be 10 times stronger than ecstasy.

Goshert said all the drugs are hard to spot.

“I’ve been a policeman for over 40 years,” he said. “It sure was a lot easier 10 or 20 years ago when what you had – cocaine, marijuana and heroin – they were easily recognizable. You knew. They were very detectable.”

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