Part of Harrisburg building falls on 2 vehicles

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – A section of the former Harrisburg Transmissions building in the 2200 block of Susquehanna Street collapsed onto two vehicles Friday morning.

There were no injuries, but two people are without transportation, including a disabled man.

“It just sounded like a car accident, like a loud crash, boom,” said Scott Quigley, who works just a couple of doors down from the building. “We came out and saw a bunch of dust and we thought it was a car accident, and it was just a building collapsed on top of two vehicles.”

The bricks crushed Robert Bellamy’s van that he bought two years ago. A lift inside the van allows him to get into it with his wheelchair.

“It’s totaled,” he said. “There ain’t no way to try and fix it, so I need to find another means to get around.”

Bellamy’s van was waiting to be repaired at Jimmy’s Auto.

Jimmy Helms, the owner of Jimmy’s Auto, says he saw the building leaning but didn’t expect it to fall.

“The city has been saying something to them about it, that it was going to fall,” Helms said.

Jose Santiago owns the other vehicle damaged by the bricks.

“I don’t like losing my car, but what else can I do,” he said.

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