Steelton group curbing stray cat population

STEELTON, Pa. (WHTM) – Steelton Community Cats, a volunteer group headquartered in an old bank building, is working to cubs the borough’s stray cat population.

The group practices trap, neuter and return with a unique focus.

“We will assist colony caretakers, those people who take care of the cats and feed the cats, in their trapping if needed,” Mayor Maria Marcinko said.

The service is provided at no cost to residents of Steelton, Swatara Township and Susquehanna Township. Dr. Diane Ford and her staff at The Vetting Zoo perform about 85 surgeries in two days once a month, only charging for supplies while protecting public health.

“Every one of these cats is vaccinated for rabies. Rabies is a very serious public health threat. It is deadly, no cure,” Ford said.

Steelton Community Cats relies on donations and grants. It costs about $4,000 a month to care for the cats, which stay at the facility until they’re healthy enough to be released.

“If we did not do this, the communities would be overrun by cats. Females are able to produce hundreds of cats a year,” Ford said.

“It’s probably saved us in seven years $210,000, but if you would do the cat math, how many cats were not born. It’s hundreds of thousands of dollars not only to our community but the other ones we serve,” Marcinko said.

Steelton Community Cats can always use help, whether it’s financial or a donation of wet and dry foods, litter, tick and flea prevention, or puppy pads.

The spay/neuter service is offered for a nominal fee to residents outside the area.

Online: Steelton Community Cats


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