2018 Genesis G80 Sport

The Genesis G80 Sport delivers more luxury than sport, but it’s still a very tasty package.

The G80 is simply loaded. The only options are all-wheel-drive and a bigger engine.

It’s too bad the cruise control radar antenna mars the handsome grill.

It’s a looker inside, too, with excellent fit and finish. There’s carbon fiber trim, leather seats are heated and ventilated, and the driver gets a power cushion extender.

Eight-speeds are summoned through a shift-by-wire selector. Features like navigation are controlled via touchscreen and a multi-function console knob that’s easy to use.

The G80 is a big car, and that means lots of room to stretch out in row two. There’s big cargo space, too, and while the seat backs do not fold, there is a ski pass-through.

The battery for the G80 is in the trunk for better weight distribution, and the car is just loaded with thoughtful features.

This base engine is a 3.3-liter V6 with twin turbos. Horsepower is 365. A V8 is optional.

The G80 sport is a fast car, but the handling reminds you this big machine is more luxury than sport.

So for the 2018 Genesis G80 Sport, I say thumbs up to value, luxury and power; thumbs down to the ugly radar cruise antenna.

I averaged about 21 miles per gallon. The as-reviewed sticker price is $58,725.

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