When to expect the most vibrant fall foliage

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — Vibrant colors are expected to blanket the landscape as fall foliage approaches its peak period.

According to the latest weekly fall foliage report issued by the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources Bureau of Forestry, several Midstate counties will see peak colors between October 14-20, while several southern border counties will see the highest saturation of colors between October 20-26.

“Fall leaves really do signal the time of the year,” said Bob Carey, an arborist and host of Garden Talk radio. “Last year when it was a drier year, the colors started earlier in the season but were less vibrant compared to years past. This year, because of the moisture, the wet summer we’ve experienced, we’re setting up for something very nice. Healthy trees reward us with a colorful display.”

Carey says the unpredictability of the season is what makes people appreciate fall.

“Every year we ask this question, wanting to know when the temperatures will finally break towards the cool side, then we anticipate the changing of the leaves,” said Carey. “It creeps up on tiny feet and suddenly it’s there. The fact that we know it is not going to stay is what makes it so appealing.”

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