T-shirts rally community around family of Vegas shooting victim

SHIPPENSBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — The Shippensburg community is still grieving the loss of Bill Wolfe, one of at least 58 victims of the Las Vegas shooting.

“I think the whole world really feels hopeless right now, just wishing they could do something to help, but nothing seems good enough and nothing is going to take away the hurt,” said Mary-Carolyn Komes.

Komes and Alisha Smith are making T-shirts in Wolfe’s honor to raise money for his family.

“I thought, I can make a T-shirt and then we can sell it and I can donate all of the profits to the family,” Smith said. “Not only will this create income for them, but it will also bring our community together and show them that everyone is rallying behind them.”

Bill Wolfe Jr. (Credit: Pictures Plus)

The women and their group of friends will hand-make the shirts. In less than 24 hours, they have received nearly 200 orders.

Even though the women didn’t know Wolfe, they wanted to help any way they could.

“I just kept reading all of these amazing things about him on Facebook,” Smith said. “It’s not hard to see that he’s an amazing man. I feel like this is all I can do to help.”

The shirts can be ordered at https://goo.gl/forms/3zqDAkepINk4W6Dp2.

Questions can be emailed to wolfepackshirts@gmail.com.

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