Mommy Minute: Hidden rocks promote creativity, positivity, unity

When Kristin Piarulli and her family found a painted rock on vacation at a Florida zoo, they actually discovered their new passion.

“Basically, we take pictures of the rocks we paint, we hide them, people find them,” Piarulli said. “They can comment on (Facebook), become members, hide their own. It’s a lot of fun.”

Piarulli started a Facebook group called “Set in Stones – Hidden Rocks.” Her goal was to spread some positivity in Central Pennsylvania.

“My kids love making them, but we love seeing who finds them,” she said. “Especially when you get to see the little kids and their smiles.”

Piarulli’s 7-year-old daughter Katelyn said she does have a blast hiding them but admits it’s more fun when people play along.

“I think they should feel happy about it and I think they should put it on their Facebook page…so we can see if they found it or not,” Katelyn said.

People who find the rocks can keep them, rehide them or make their own.

“It really gets their brains going, thinking colors, shapes, sizes,” Piarulli said. “It gets you outdoors. It gets you together as a family.”

There are several of these types of hidden rock Facebook groups in the Midstate. To join Piarulli’s group, click here.

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