Midstate residents in Las Vegas during shooting

Police officers advise people to take cover near the scene of a shooting near the Mandalay Bay resort and casino on the Las Vegas Strip, Sunday, Oct. 1, 2017, in Las Vegas. (AP Photo/John Locher)

One Midstate man in Las Vegas during a mass shooting was there for a birthday trip.

Another person with Midstate ties, originally from Middletown, is now living and working there.

Both men and their loved ones were within miles of the shooting when it occurred,  a day they say they’ll never forget.

John Paul Shaffer, former WINK 104 News host from Middletown, is now a radio host in Las Vegas.

He said many of his coworkers were at the concert where shots rang out.

“Some of the people that were there are kind of shook up. Kind of surprised they came to work today,” Shaffer said. “I think they just needed that outlet so they weren’t sitting at home thinking about what could have happened or what did happen.”

Now that the chaos is over, questions remain.

“When you live somewhere that is based solely on tourism and something like this happens, you have to think in the back of your mind, will this scare people off from coming here to visit?” Shaffer asked.

George Richards, an ABC 27 News assignment editor, was visiting Vegas for a birthday trip.

“We’ve been looking forward to this, we came in for a long weekend. Three couples celebrating our wives’ birthdays,” said Richards.

After dinner Sunday, Richards and his wife called it a night. One of the other couples didn’t.

“We were a little concerned for the couple that parted ways. They went to a bar, there was a shooter, so there was stampede, so they got some bumps and bruises but they’re doing okay,” Richards said.

They were locked in a basement for hours.

“Everybody stampeded the door. They stopped everybody and said, ‘We’re going to have a lock down.’ So they spent 5 hours in the basement of the hotel until they got the all clear,” Richards said.

“Anytime you’re within a mile or two of something that is going to be called one of the worst incidents in U.S. history that’s awfully close so we’re very lucky.”

George and his wife flew home Monday.

ABC27 spoke on the phone with a Shippensburg resident who landed in Las Vegas minutes after the shooting. He says the city is somber and quiet, a stark contrast to the usually bright and bustling strip.

Shippensburg Little League and Shippensburg Greyhound Wrestling say one of their coaches is also among the victims of the Las Vegas shooting.

Both groups posted on Facebook that Coach Bill Wolfe’s condition is unknown.

Shippensburg police also posted a statement on behalf of Wolfe’s family.

“On behalf of the families of Bill Wolfe Jr. and his wife Robin, we are asking for your continued prayers as we are processing the information that is available to us at this time. We are gathering as much information as we are able and we respect that we cannot control the timeline of information released as this complicated investigation continues,” the statement reads.

The post from the Shippensburg Little League Facebook page reads: “Little League Families, it has come to our knowledge that Coach Bill Wolfe is a victim of the tragedy that occurred in Las Vegas last night. His condition is still unknown. We ask that you all respect the privacy of his family at this time, but are requesting prayers for him and his family at this time. Bill has been a big part of the Little League community and he and his family need our support at this time. We will update information as the family allows.”

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