Activist plans Nazi-Confederate flag burn to protest Bloomsburg Fair sales

(FILE - AP Photo/Bloomsburg Press Enterprise, Jimmy May)

BLOOMSBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – A political activist says he plans to burn a combination Nazi-Confederate flag at the Columbia County Courthouse because the Bloomsburg Fair will allow the sale of Confederate battle flags.

Gene Stilp says he’s seeking a permit to burn the flag on the courthouse steps on Friday, the first day of the fair. He planned to visit county commissioners and the Bloomsburg Police Department on Wednesday.

The two-sided flag has the swastika on one side and the Confederate battle emblem on the other.

“The Nazi flag and the Confederate flag both stand for racial hatred, bigotry, death to American citizens and oppression,” Stilp said in a statement. “I think that activists have to burn this combination Nazi-Confederate flag in front of more courthouses in Pennsylvania to root out racism across the state.”

“Folks have to ask the question: what does the Confederate flag stand for and are they and their friends supporters of that anti-American message?” he said.

A vendor was asked to leave the Bloomsburg Fair last year after visitors complained he was selling Nazi and Confederate flags.

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