How to tackle fall allergies

MOUNT JOY, Pa. (WHTM) – John Wolgemouth spent a sunny Tuesday in Rapho Township Park with his grandson.

It might be one of the last places you expect to see someone who suffers from fall allergies.

“[I have] a constant runny nose,” Wolgemuth said.

Wolgemuth says that when farmers begin harvesting crops, his allergies start to kick up. It’s also the time when the phones start to ring at Lancaster Family Allergy.

“The fall pollen started weeks ago and they are hitting their peak right now,” Dr. Laura Fisher said.

Fisher said ragweed is at some of the highest levels she’s ever seen. She also said mold is bad right now.

“If you’re running around outside or you’re playing, make sure you rinse off, take a shower, and wash your hair before you go to bed,” she advised.

Fisher said the best medicines are eye drops and nasal sprays. She suggested Flonase and Nasacort. She said people who use nasal sprays should shoot for the sides of their nostrils.

“If you shoot straight up, it just goes down the back of your throat,” she said. “It won’t hurt you, but it won’t help you either. If you shoot into the center, you’re more likely to get a sore nose, nose bleed.”

Fisher said folks can also experiment with honey, but she said she would need to see more scientific data before she recommends it.

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