Brush with Jose late today and Tuesday, generally nice and warm this week though

Today will be another warm and slightly humid day for Central PA with peeks of sunshine and a few clouds. Watch out for some fog early this morning before the September sun breaks through and is able to burn it off just like yesterday. The sunshine will be filtered though, especially late today, thanks to increasing clouds from Hurricane Jose sitting off the east coast. Highs this afternoon will be right around 80 degrees. As Jose continues to work its way northward, clouds will increase overnight with lows dropping into the mid 60s. Tomorrow will bring mostly cloudy skies and even a few stray showers in our eastern counties. Central PA will only see minimal effects from Jose (some of our western counties may actually be rather sunny tomorrow), but coastal areas can expect some rain, rough surf, and high wind gusts. Locally, tomorrow and Wednesday will be rather breezy. Speaking of Wednesday, it will bring clearing as Jose pushes farther north. It will also continue the recent warm trend with highs in the lower to mid 80s during the afternoon.

A large ridge of high pressure rounds out the week into next weekend bringing unseasonable warmth and a lot of sunshine. This area of high pressure will play a large role in the steering winds over the Atlantic Ocean. There is now a higher possibility that the remnants of Jose could circle back and bring us more cloud cover by early next week. At the same time some models show Hurricane Maria heading north along the same path that Jose just took. There are plenty of variables here and a lot can change. The bottom line: there are plenty of weather features to watch, and each one could bring some curve balls to the forecast. We will keep you posted! And by the way, Lee has been downgraded to a Tropical Depression. At least that storm does not appear to be any threat to our forecast now or in the future.

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