Showers and drizzle continue today, but not much rain

Today will be similar to yesterday as the upper level low that was once Irma moves over top of the Commonwealth. The day will start out foggy and occasional showers and drizzle will persist for much of the day. Southwest flow should help temperatures get well into the 70s today and there will be a touch of humidity in the air as well. Less than a quarter inch of rain is expected. Tonight will be mostly cloudy with a stray shower or two lingering. Lows will dip into the mid 60s. Some clearing may take place on Friday as a ridge tries to build across the east coast. However, with Hurricane Jose sitting out in the Atlantic, the current trough may get held up along the coast and linger through the weekend. This means some sun may peek through Friday through Sunday with some pop-up showers still possible. The good news for those of you still wanted summer-like weather is that temperatures will continue to warm through the weekend. Highs Saturday and Sunday will be in the mid 80s!

Hurricane Jose still remains in a nearly stalled position north of the Caribbean Islands. The forecast still keeps the storm mainly out to sea, but we can not totally rule out some effect in terms of rainfall in the 7-day forecast. This forecast continues to show some shifts in the track and timing. If we see effects from Jose it should now be some time next week. We will continue to update our forecast, but at least we do not see direct impacts for the weekend. It will be a close call along the east coast next week. Stay tuned!

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