2017 Ford Edge Sport

The Ford Edge has always reminded me more of a tall sedan than a crossover. That means good handling in a manageable size.

One of four trim levels, the Sport, has a heavy dose of style and performance as well. Twenty-one-inch wheels are a $1,000 option.

There’s lots of style inside, too, and functionality. Fit, finish, and comfort are all good.

It’s nice that Ford’s latest version of the Sync system has an easy-to-use touchscreen because the system’s dash-mounted buttons are tiny and hard to find on the black background. A $3,300 option package includes lane assistance, blind spot alert, and cross traffic alert.

The automatic is a six-speed.

Row two is roomy enough for three adults. No row three seats mean the Edge is five passenger only, but no row three means plenty of room for cargo. A remote button makes it easy to fold row two for even more space.

A twin-turbo 2.7-liter V6 – standard in the Edge Sport – pumps out 315 horsepower. Base Edge’s get a turbo four. Acceleration is very good with the twin turbo and so is handling from variable ratio steering.

So, for the 2017 Ford Edge Sport all-wheel drive, I say thumbs up to the just right size, roomy cargo hold, and good power; thumbs down to the tiny dashboard buttons.

I averaged about 20 miles per gallon. The as-tested sticker is $47,330.

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