Instacart arrives in Midstate to make grocery shopping easier

MECHANICSBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – A new grocery delivery service will go live Tuesday in 24 ZIP codes in Cumberland and Dauphin counties.

The Instacart app and allow shoppers to handpick items online from local stores like Wegmans, PriceRite, Costco, CVS and Petco.

Some shoppers at the Wegmans in Mechanicsburg consider it a great alternative to an otherwise daunting task.

“I hate to wait in line,” Nat Putterman of Harrisburg said. “When you’re old, time is valuable.”

“Taking it home and putting it all away,” said Sherry Portanova, airing her grievances.

“It would be great if there was some way I could just go through something and register everything, and they would bag it and put it in my car for me,” Maria Sapio of Mechanicsburg said.

Sapio is one step ahead.

“Right away, it pulls up the items that the customer has selected,” Shira Scott of Instacart showed us on her phone., “Right away it pulls up the items that the customer has selected.”

The app has all items listed from each participating store.

“You can have groceries delivered in as little as an hour,” Scott said. “You can also have it in two hours or up to seven days.”

All you have to do is choose the items you want and a hired shopper does all the aisle-work for you.

“The things our customers are looking for now are convenience,” Wegmans store manager Bob Finn said. “Whether it’s meals that are ready to cook, or meals that are already cooked, or vegetables that are pre-cut and cleaned and ready to use, to now delivered groceries.”

Giant has its own delivery service, Peapod, in our area. Instacart services more stores and is adding 100 or more part-time shopping jobs in the area.

“You give us the hours that you want to put in, and you’re going to be able to earn extra income that way,” Scott said.

There is a delivery charge of $5.95 unless you choose membership values.

Service areas include Harrisburg, New Cumberland, Lower Allen, New Market, Fair Acres, West Hill, Middletown, Enola, Summerdale, Penbrook, Progress, Highspire, Wormleysburg, Skyline View, Dauphin, Colonial Park, Hershey, Rockville, Carlisle, Carlisle Barracks, Middlesex, Mechanicsburg and New Kingston.

First-time users can enter the code HIHBURG (11/01 expiration) at checkout to get $20 off an order of $35 or more, plus a free first-time delivery.

Delivery starts as early as 8 a.m. on Sept. 12.

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