Restaurant Report: Insects, slime and mold

This week, the biggest violators are all only a few miles from each other. The Department of Agriculture found slime, mold, and insects.

Lyndon City Line Diner on Manheim Pike in Lancaster was out of compliance with 16 violations. The inspection report says there was mold on the shelves, in the ice maker, and in the crab dip. Food requiring refrigeration – like roast beef and turkey – was being stored at temperatures as high as 72 degrees. Slices of ham were stored with no covering beneath a mildew-covered fan, and cigarettes were on a shelf with food, risking contamination.

Just five minutes up Manheim Pike, Kentucky Fried Chicken had 12 violations. Utensils and equipment were greasy and not clean to sight and touch. There were black residue and tan slime in the ice maker; food residue, grease, and slime throughout the facility; and there were small, flying insects near the cookies.

Two Cousins Pizza on Columbia Avenue in Lancaster was out of compliance with 13 violations. The inspection report says food employees were not wearing proper hair restraints while preparing pizza. There was pink slime in the ice maker, raw shrimp was stored above pasta, risking contamination, and employees were greasing pizza pans with a paint brush that had eroded metal instead of using a food brush.

Establishments with no violations include Empire Diner in Hershey, Gary’s Bar in Palmyra, Fairfield Area High School and Middle School, and New Aroma Buffet and Grill in York.

The Agriculture Department has a full list of Pennsylvania restaurant inspections on its website.

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