2017 Jeep Renegade Altitude

It should be called the Tennis Ball Edition. There’s no doubt Jeep’s new color for the Renegade – Hyper Green – is highly visible. Even though it has a traditional seven bar grille and round headlights, this Jeep is made in Italy and shares a platform with the Fiat 500L.

With optional four-wheel-drive, our review Jeep also has the $700 Customer Preferred package that includes gloss black wheels and trim.

It’s obvious lots of effort went into the Renegade’s interior. This one has the smaller base engine so it gets a six-speed manual shift. Optional engine Renegades get a nine-speed automatic.

You can adjust the four-wheel-drive system depending on surface. Choose the Trailhawk model for more off-road features.

Scattered all over the Renegade are subtle reminders this is a Jeep, and the brand’s been around for quite a while. It’s five passenger, but adults may find legroom in row two a bit tight.

A special key unlocks the $1,500 MySky roof panels. Removing both front and rear panels gives an open feel to the Renegade. They are kind of bulky, but one person should be able to remove and install the panels themselves. In back, a storage bag for the roof panels is included.

While cargo space is good, some competitors have more room.

The base 1.4-liter turbo four puts out 160 horsepower, but an optional 2.4-liter with 180 horsepower is the better choice.

With good ground clearance, even non-Trailhawk models can go off-road. On road handling is good, but there is quite a bit of wind noise from the boxy shape.

So, for the 2017 Jeep Renegade Altitude, I say thumbs up to the quality interior, off-road ability, and good on-road manners; thumbs down to the tight row-two legroom.

I averaged about 25 miles per gallon. As tested, the sticker price is $28,025.

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