Strongest storms exiting east, showers continue for the evening

Wednesday stays cloudy with scattered light showers and cool weather. High temperatures remain in the 60s for most of the day, and even though the rainfall totals stay light we expect it to feel damp for much of the day.

Clouds will clear somewhat for Thursday, with more sunshine by Friday. There are some rainfall chances, but they are relatively small. Most of the daytime hours for Thursday and Friday stay dry. High temperatures only reach the lower 70s to end the work week and heading into the weekend.

There is a lot of talk about Irma, and for good reason. As of the 8 AM update today from the National Hurricane Center updated Irma to a Category 5 storm and a major hurricane with winds near 180 mph. This storm continues to intensify and may be one of the strongest on record in the Atlantic Ocean. The westward track is forecast to get close to Florida by the weekend. One of the big influences of the track is the trough of cool air swinging over our region later this week. There are a lot of Irma forecast tracks posted on social media and it is wise to be cautious with this information, especially from a non-credited source. There is more confidence that Irma will have a big impact on southern Florida this weekend. The Governor of Florida announced a State of Emergency across the entire state and they must begin to prepare!

If Irma would impact us, it would have to take a sharp northward track with an arrival sometime during the middle of next week. It’s a possibility, along with many other tracks. Check back with us later this week and we’ll have more information on Irma.

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