Group restores Doughboy statue in Chambersburg

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – A nonprofit group has restored a World War I statue that has been at Lincoln Way East and Queen Street since 1923.

The Doughboy honors Franklin County service members who died in the war.

The group Saving Hallowed Ground is dedicated to the preservation of monuments. In addition to its conservation of the statue, the nonprofit held a ceremony to remember those who served in World War I. During the event, there was a tree planting dedication and a flag folding ceremony.

Many in Chambersburg were happy to pay homage because this year marks 100 years since the United States joined the war.

“We’re going to hopefully continue to do programs in Chambersburg related to World War I and then, after the war centennial, we want to cover all time periods because this has a rich history here,” said Eugene Hough, executive director of Saving Hallowed Ground. “We got to get the schools involved. That’s our big challenge.”

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