York Vision 2020 plan works to reduce taxes

YORK, Pa. (WHTM) — “We didn’t get here overnight, so we need to develop a long-range plan to get where we need to be,” York business administrator Michael Doweary said.

“When planning for retirement, we don’t set up a five-year plan to get to retirement. We’re looking at 30-year plans.”

Vision 2020 is York’s plan that focuses on fiscal sustainability for the future. The long-term plan aims to improve the city’s finances, shared services and leadership.

City officials say residents want to see reduced taxes, stronger neighborhoods, and a maintained sense of security.

“The real estate, obviously, has to be just as important, as our real estate tax rate is 40 percent higher than a neighboring city like Lancaster,” Doweary said. “We have to do more to bring that back into line.”

York has reduced its real estate tax over the past two years, and it continues to work on catching up on pension payments.

“Being current on your pension payment is like being current on your credit card payment; you still have a significant deficit with the credit card itself. We’re going in the right direction, but we still have more work to do,” Doweary said.

Online: www.yorkcity.org/vision-2020

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