Island homes on Susquehanna River still expected to be removed

MIDDLETOWN, Pa. (WHTM) – Londonderry Township officials on Thursday announced plans to move forward with a plan resulting in hundreds of part-time residents being kicked off two Susquehanna River islands. Residents are vowing to fight back.

Hundreds of people call Shelley and Bashore islands home, even if just for the weekend. They won’t be able to call it home for much longer.

Shelley Island along the Susquehanna River.

Township officials say they have to go through with plans to remove homes on land owned by York Haven Power due to FEMA flooding regulations.

“You may not like it. It’s terrible. You’ve been going there for decades. You take your grandchildren there. It’s fabulous, but that’s the equation we’re dealing with,” township attorney Jim Diamond said.

The Lake Frederick Homeowners’ Association says FEMA does not issue a timeline, and the township is moving too quickly.

“I’ve spent almost every weekend of my entire life down there, so when you talk about all of your friends and family losing their places, it’s really devastating,” said Derek Krehling, president of the homeowner’s association.

Diamond says the York Haven Power Company no longer wants to allow cabins on their land.

“You would have to raise these things many, many feet. They don’t want foundations and things in their ground,” Diamond said.

Homeowners who rent land from York Haven will need to stop using their properties on Sept. 30, remove their belongings by Nov. 14, and have their homes removed by October 2019.

Residents say they’ll continue to pack meetings and write letters to township officials.

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