Much nicer today with lower humidity

Another day of gusty storms with heavy rain yesterday will bring about a change in the weather moving forward. Expect a few lingering clouds early today with temperatures and humidity starting out on the muggy side. However, as the front finally clears the region later this morning, skies will clear and the humidity will drop making for a very pleasant afternoon. Mostly sunny skies later today will warm temperatures to near 80 degrees, but with low humidity it will feel so much more pleasant. Tonight is when the region will really feel the difference. Skies will be clear and temperatures will be cooler with lows dropping to around 60 degrees.

Tomorrow and Friday will bring plenty of sunshine with just a few passing clouds. A weak wave in the atmosphere could trigger a stray, brief shower later tomorrow, but most of the region will stay dry. Both Thursday and Friday will be comfortable with temperatures in the upper 70s. Saturday and Sunday look even more pleasant with highs in the mid 70s and mostly sunny conditions. Early next week, a system from the tropics could lift northward from Texas and deliver some clouds later Monday into Tuesday. Rainfall from this system looks limited, but a few showers could pass by during the mid-week time frame. Nothing is certain yet and the system in question is currently in the Gulf of Mexico and has yet to be named. Lots of time to nail down this forecast so stay tuned and in the meantime enjoy a pleasant stretch of weather through the weekend!

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