Report: McFarland Apartments could collapse onto Cameron Street

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — A new report says McFarland Apartments in Harrisburg are at risk of collapsing into traffic.

Last year, a wall owned by McFarland collapsed onto a Cameron Street business.

“There’s a lot of reasons that make this report different, but the biggest one is time. The clock really is ticking,” Howard Henry, owner of Howard Tire and Auto, said.

Henry commissioned a new report, which says McFarland Apartments are at risk of collapsing. The report’s engineer says if the apartment building does collapse, debris could hit Cameron Street.

“The possibility is imminent and real that it could reach, and he won’t say it won’t. I’m not going to say it will, but I’m not going to say it won’t,” said Henry.

Since the wall collapsed onto Howard Tire and Auto in May of 2016, four reports have said McFarland Apartments are at risk of collapsing.

“If that building behind you collapses, bricks are going to land possibly in your windshield, if you’re one of the people who pass by,” said Howard.

The city of Harrisburg says they are waiting on a plan from the McFarland Apartment owners. The city says the risk of collapse is just an assumption at this time.

“This is not going to be completed in the next three to six months, it’s not. It’s just too big, it’s too complex, it’s got so many moving parts,” said Henry.

Henry says the report was done by a forensic engineer and it was sent to stage agencies like the governor’s office and the Office of the Attorney General.

McFarland Apartments are condemned.

PennDOT says it is reviewing the report and says Cameron Street is safe to travel on.

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