Millions nationwide and people in the region preparing to Monday’s solar eclipse

This photo provided by Bob Baer and Sarah Kovac, participants in the Citizen CATE Experiment, shows a "diamond ring" shape during the 2016 total solar eclipse in Indonesia. For the 2017 eclipse over the United States, the National Science Foundation-funded movie project nicknamed Citizen CATE will have more than 200 volunteers trained and given special small telescopes and tripods to observe the sun at 68 locations in the exact same way. The thousands of images from the citizen-scientists will be combined for a movie of the usually hard-to-see sun’s edge. (R. Baer, S. Kovac/Citizen CATE Experiment via AP)

CARLISLE, Pa. (WHTM) – Dickinson College will host a watch party on the roof of Tome Hall on Monday afternoon so people can view the eclipse.

Dr. Priscilla Laws is a research professor of physics at the college. She has been affiliated with the school for nearly 60 years.

Laws witnessed a total eclipse in 1977.

“The birds were screeching, because it seemed like something was not right,” said Laws. “It is a unique experience to see the sun become obscure in the middle of the day.”

Laws says that the telescope in the observatory will not be used during the watch party. She says people in central Pennsylvania will see about 70 percent of the eclipse.

“It is still a special experience to witness,” said Laws. “The moon kind of eclipsing the sun, in kind of a sweeping motion, with there being a crescent of different sizes right above it.”

Laws says that five of her colleagues are heading to Tennessee and South Carolina, so they can observe a total eclipse. Laws says the peak time for the eclipse will be between 3-4 p.m.

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