Boyo: Failed buses won’t impact school routes

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — Last week, 25 out of 37 school buses failed inspection at Boyo Transportation Services. On Wednesday, 13 buses were inspected for the second time and five didn’t pass.

“That was a big concern because they gave them an opportunity to fix them. That was not done,” said Tpr. Brent Miller, a state police spokesman.

Violations found last week include holes in exhaust systems, a leaking oil tank, tire sidewall damage, a stop sign mechanical arm not extending, faded light lens covers, holes in seats, and lights not working properly.

“Obviously, our investigators are concerned, but Boyo has another opportunity to fix those before they put them back in service,” Miller said.

Boyo services 11 school district in five counties. The company says all buses on school routes passed inspection and four or five buses will be traded in for new ones next week.

“We see this every year,” Miller said. “We just want to make sure when we place our sticker on that bus that it abides by the Pennsylvania laws of inspection, that school bus is ready to go to transport children in a safe manner.”

The buses that flunked inspection will be inspected again. Boyo says those buses are used for field trips and special events.

The company says parents have no reason to worry when their children go back to school in the coming weeks.

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