Penn State study suggests new sleeping habits for babies

HERSHEY, Pa. (WHTM) – Katie Nissley is proud about the way her newest baby sleeps.

Three-month-old Noelle sleeps in the same room with mom and dad and all three rest comfortably.

Katie said Noelle can sleep for five hours at a time.

“I’m not constantly checking on her,” she said.

The mother of four likes the way she does things and the American Academy of Pediatrics tells parents to keep babies in the same room for a year to protect against sudden infant death syndrome.

Now, a study by the Penn State College of Medicine suggests parents only need to keep babies in the same room for four months.

“Some of my mom friends I know, they say every little noise wakes them up so they don’t like the babies in the room because they feel like don’t get more sleep,” Nissley said. “I feel the comfort of knowing the baby is okay.”

The Penn State Hershey Medical Center researchers found children older than four months, who have their own room, sleep an extra 45 minutes.

Doctors added that children who have poor sleep habits are at risk for obesity later in life. Experts also found that parents who wait too long to put infants in their own rooms run the risk that the infants will experience separation anxiety.

“We like them in our room,” Nissley said. “I know some parents don’t, but it’s what works best for us.”

Penn State researchers also found that children who share the same room as their parents could be at risk for being put in the same bed.

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