Harrisburg School District: ROAR College and Career Academy Program

The ROAR College & Career Academy Program is designed to help students explore and study a career pathway through career-related courses and activities based on their interests. Within each career academy, students may choose a program of study pathway related to a career field.

Within the program of study, academic and career-related courses are designed to give the student an understanding of the knowledge and skills that will be required to work in their chosen career field.

In addition, each program of study will offer career exploration and work-based learning experiences that give students a real-world perspective. The ROAR College & Career Academy Program strives to prepare students with the skills to successfully navigate post-high school plans.

There are four ROAR Academies that will be offered throughout the Harrisburg High
School campuses:

– Arts, Communications and Media Technology Academy
– Business, Industry, Finance and Information Technology Academy
– Health and Human Services Academy
– STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) / STEAM (Science,Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) Academy

To learn more about this unique program, click on the video above.


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