Hot again today, and more humid too

This week will feature typical summer weather across Central PA with building heat and humidity and an increasing threat for thunderstorms. Today and tomorrow will bring slightly higher humidity to the region and more heat as a hot weather pattern takes shape. High pressure sliding off the east coast will pump higher dewpoint air northward and it will be noticeable! Today should stay dry, but stray storms are a concern for Wednesday afternoon. Thursday looks like the hottest day this week leading to additional afternoon storm chances. A very slow moving front is helping to build this heat and the chances for storms. This front should be slow to arrive and push through during the day on Friday. The passing of the front means Friday brings the best chances for rain and scattered thunderstorms.

This upcoming weekend is trending dry with cooler weather and lower humidity. The speed of the front on Friday will determine how fast we clear out from the cloud cover, so Saturday morning could start with overcast skies before the forecast improves by the afternoon. Sunday looks partly cloudy and pleasant with highs in the lower 80s. Next week could start off with some scattered showers and a bit of a cooler day for Monday. Stay tuned and enjoy the heat this week!


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