Cornwall may crack down on feral cats

CORNWALL, Pa. (WHTM) – A borough council in Lebanon County may vote to crack down on a growing problem with feral cats.

Cornwall police Chief Bruce Harris says one family has complained that at times they’ve seen as many as 75 cats around their home because neighbors are feeding them. He said the borough doesn’t have a law against feeding wild animals, but that could change when the council meets Aug. 14.

“The borough council is looking at adopting an ordinance that will make it a violation to feed or provide shelter to the feral cats,” Harris said.

Dr.Diane Ford of The Vetting Zoo animal hospital in Palmyra says cutting off the cats’ food supply will only make them more of a nuisance. She said the cats will likely seek out food from other sources such as garbage cans.

Ford is a passionate volunteer for the trap-neuter-release program in Steelton. She believes if Cornwall gets on board, they will ultimately save money and the lives of animals.

“The cats are trapped, spayed or neutered by a vet, and then returned to their habitat not to reproduce anymore,” she said. “They don’t get the routine veterinary care, so over four to six years, these numbers decrease greatly.”


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