York City Police rejoin York County Drug Task Force

YORK, Pa. (WHTM) – York City police have rejoined the York County Drug Task Force.

“This is a great day for York County and it’s a bad day for drug dealers,” chief deputy prosecutor David Sunday, said during an official announcement on Thursday.

The announcement, which was made on the steps of the York County Courthouse, signals an end to a separation between both entities. The two separated in 2013, but never said why that happened.

“We got together and came to mutual agreements and we were able to work this issue out,” Wes Kahley, York City Police Chief, said.

The new agreement will allow two York City police officers to work full-time on the task force.

Kahley promised the move will not take any of his officers off of the streets.

“Anytime you have more people working on a topic you become more effective,” he said. “Drug dealers don’t always stay in the city, they don’t only work out in the county. They move around.”

Sunday said the renewed partnership will allow the entities to share more information.

Kahley said it could also lead to a drop in homicides.

“When we work homicides, when we work robberies, burglaries, often times our drug detectives are involved in making arrests to get people off the street,” he said.

“Our goal in bringing these additional officers in is not only to increase the effectiveness of going to places like Dillsburg, Delta, Airville, and wherever, but it’s to increase the effectiveness in York as well,” Sunday said.

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