More downpours possible today, drier by tomorrow

Heavy rain and flash flooding made history yesterday in Central Pennsylvania. A historic amount of rain fell at Harrisburg International Airport with 4.27″ coming in just one hour and 4.71″ in total for the day. That will be a new record! Other similar totals were measured across Dauphin and York Counties. These numbers are unheard of during thunderstorms in this area. This type of rain is usually only seen from tropical or coastal storms. We received pictures and video of unprecedented street and creek flooding all within one or two hours of the rainfall starting in certain locations. Lots of flash flooding was reported across the region last evening.

As the region tries to recover from all that rain yesterday, today will also start off cloudy and humid with lingering showers and downpours. The sun will eventually break through the clouds in the afternoon, but more storms could develop this afternoon/evening, although not as many as what we experienced over the weekend. However, any storms that do form will cause flash flooding more quickly because of the saturated ground. We finally get a break in the humidity by tomorrow although morning clouds and fog will be stubborn. Storms return to the region by Thursday night and Friday morning.

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