UPDATE: Two bicyclists injured in hit-and-run

LEBANON, Pa. (WHTM) – As of 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday, the wife of the injured 67-year-old cyclist reports that he is in stable condition and recovering from his injuries after more than ten hours in the operating room.



South Londonderry Township Police are looking for the driver of an SUV who hit two bicyclists on Saturday morning.

Police say the driver intentionally swerved at a group of four bicyclists, twice.

The driver hit two of the cyclists in the 8000 block of Colebrook Road around 11 a.m. The driver then fled the scene.

According to authorities, the driver was in a brown or tan colored SUV, believed to be a ’90s model Dodge Durango.

Both bicyclists suffered injuries as a result of the incident. One of the men, a 67-year old male, was taken to Hershey Medical Center with a hip fracture and dislocated elbow.

The group of cyclists ranged in ages from 66 to 69 years old. Officers say the group has been riding together for 30 years.

Anyone with information regarding the incident should call the South Londonderry Township Police Department at (717) 838-1376.

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