Author Spotlight: Cherie Faus-Smith’s “The Cycle Ended”

“After two failed marriages, both of which were abusive, I finally broke the cycle of abuse and met a man who is currently my husband.  He is everything a man should be – he is kind, considerate, compassionate, loving, and patient.  But, it wasn’t always easy for me to believe that his actions were real because of my past.  I tried my best to trust but was also very cautious.      

My story begins with our wedding and then flashes back to the three different abusive relationships that I had been in previously.  As the book wraps up, I share how my husband and I met and all the good feelings that accompanied our courtship.”—Synopsis: The Cycle Ended Saying Goodbye to Domestic Abuse.

Author Cherie Faus-Smith joined us in the studio to tell us more about her struggles that inspired her book.

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