Philadelphia police search farm where missing 4 were found

Investigators gather under tents as they search a property, Wednesday, July 12, 2017, in Solebury, Pa., for four missing young Pennsylvania men feared to be the victims of foul play. (Clem Murray/The Philadelphia Inquirer via AP)

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Philadelphia police say they have joined multiple law enforcement agencies on a search of the Pennsylvania farm where the bodies of four missing men were found last week.

Authorities say they returned Thursday to the farm owned by the parents of 20-year-old Cosmo DiNardo, who’s been charged in the death of the men, to make sure they did not miss any evidence before they return the property to the family.

Philadelphia police Commissioner Richard Ross said that DiNardo also claimed to have killed two people in the city years ago. He says detectives are looking through their files to check on the claims, but called the information “sketchy.”

The 90-acre farm in Solebury Township, about 30 miles north of Philadelphia, was scoured by authorities in the search for the missing men.

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